Professional marketing & communications for organizations with big hearts and modest budgets

Professional work, modest price point

We’ve worked with universities, nonprofits, churches, and ministries. Do you know what all those types of organizations have in common? They’re all striving to make the world a better place… on a shoestring budget!

At Mission Marketing, our goal is to support your mission with corporate-caliber marketing and communications at a price point that you can afford (and that your board will sign off on).


Subscription Model

Whenever possible, we work with our clients on monthly and annual subscriptions. Why? Because we like to be longterm partners with our clients; extensions of their own team, rather than one-time hired guns. We’ve learned from experience that memorable marketing happens through relationship-building and ongoing nurturing.

This isn’t to say we WON’T work with clients on a single, one-off project. If that makes sense for the assignment, we can and we do. However, these standalone projects do not typically offer savings over our subscription packages, because we reduce upfront setup costs significantly when you sign up for a subscriptionespecially an annual one!


Marketing & Communications Packages

Like having a strategic marketing expert on your staff! Our marketing team, led by our founder and creative director, will provide custom strategic communications support to all levels of your organization. Our monthly hours have been allotted to endeavors such as: marketing and communication plans, branding strategies, content development, email marketing, analytics, social media campaigns, and fundraising communications.

MarCom Lite

You marketing guide
$ 250 Monthly
  • Monthly retainer hours: 5

MarCom Basic

Your marketing partner
$ 500 Monthly
  • Monthly retainer hours: 10

MarCom Comprehensive

Your marketing leader
$ 800 Monthly
  • Monthly retainer hours: 20

Website Hosting & Management Packages

Whether your organization needs a brand-new website, more consistent site management, or more reliable hosting, we have an affordable package for you. Maintenance hours can be applied to many tasks, such as: website content updates, troubleshooting, website enhancements, and more. All hosting packages include WordPress plugin management and security updates.

Web Package 1

Hosting Only
$ 50 Monthly
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Maintenance hours: 0

Web Package 2

Basic Maintenance
$ 300 Monthly
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Maintenance & marketing hours: 5

Web Package 3

Comprehensive Maintenance
$ 550 Monthly
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Maintenance & marketing hours: 10

Website Design Packages

All the websites we build for our clients are specifically designed and hosted on our platform with Flywheel. That way we can use our optimized WordPress framework to develop your site, deploy our preferred plugins and tools, and efficiently manage and update your site after it goes live.

When your organization signs up for an annual hosting and management package (above), we offer deep discounts on the design and development of the website; up to 74% off of one-time design and development costs when you select our annual Package 3!

It is difficult to publish one-size-fits-all pricing for web design and development, because every organization has different strategies and goals when it comes to their website. In fact, we help your organization discover and articulate those very objectives as part of our website design process! No matter what, our pricing is very competitive and attainable for small nonprofits and ministries.

Once we know a little more about your organization and your needs, we can provide you with some ballpark costs for your web development project. Get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling!

Website design
& development

$ 4400 One-time
  • With Month-to-Month Hosting

Website design
& development

$ 3800
  • With ANNUAL Package 1: Hosting Only
  • $600 Discount!

Website design
& development

$ 2280
  • With ANNUAL Package 2: Basic Maintenance
  • $2120 Discount!

Website design
& development

$ 1140
  • With ANNUAL Package 3: Comprehensive Marketing
  • $3260 Discount!

Let's build something memorable together!

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