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We create content that is memorable, and one-of-a-kind strategies that are tailored to your ministry’s unique marketing needs. You won’t get cookie-cutter communication plans or recycled work with Mission Marketing!

Our Services

Communication Strategies & Branding

Let’s work together to refine and illuminate your organization’s brand. We’ll help your mission to stand out clearly from among the many other organizations that are doing good like yours! Our team will work with you to identify the key audiences you want to connect with–like supporters, donors, or prospective students–and craft unique content strategies to reach those audiences through the ways and the channels they prefer.

Some of our recent client assignments include: communications plans, website content development, email campaign copy, editorial calendars, and more.

Digital Marketing

Does your ministry’s website really reflect who you are? Do your web communications tell your story in the most compelling ways? Are you using video, email, social media–and other digital platforms–effectively? Here are some of the ways we can help your organization:

  • Website architecture and UX
  • Website design & development
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

Website Hosting & Management

If you’re like most nonprofits we work with, you don’t have time or the staffing to manage your website. And with slim budgets, it’s not uncommon for the executive director or board members to to run the website themselves on evenings and weekends! That almost always results in websites that are disjointed, outdated, and not particularly effective.

We think, instead, that you should be focused on fulfilling your mission, and making the world a better place–not on keeping plugins and graphics updated. When you hire Mission Marketing to host and manage your WordPress site, our team of experts makes sure that your organization’s website is always online, optimized and error-free. We’ve been building and managing WordPress sites for years; your site is in great hands with Mission Marketing.

Education-Specific Marketing

Brendan Mayer, Mission Marketing’s founder, spent the first 15 years of his career working primarily in higher education marketing and communications. He has led many marketing campaigns for private universities throughout the United States, consulting on projects ranging from admission email campaigns to institution-wide website redesigns. We are familiar with unique marketing and communications challenges faces by colleges and universities; not to mention the numerous audiences and stakeholders they must appeal to!

At Mission Marketing we think that this experience in education helps to inform our client’s projects, regardless of their industry.

Fundraising Communications

Raising support for your mission is necessary and important; but sometimes you end up spending more time fundraising than actually completing the mission you are called to.

At Mission Marketing, we’ve raised funds for all sorts of ministries and nonprofits. Our founder has personal experience as an executive director, and has shepherded an international health ministry from just a dream, to six figures donations annually. We have created fundraising communications for clients ranging from annual reports to year-end giving campaigns, and email giving appeals. We’ve also crafted successful grant applications resulting in over $1 million in funding. We get fundraising, and we’d love to partner with you or coach you in reaching your financial goals!

Nonprofit Management

Running a small nonprofit or ministry is a lot like a business startup–only without the free artisan coffee and the seed money! Your team is lean, and you invariably wear lots of hats; no matter how hard you work, something always seems to slip through the cracks.

Having founded and grown ministries and businesses ourselves, we think we’ve learned a few things that might be helpful to you and your organization! How should you structure your organization? What platform should you use for internal team collaboration? What about a productivity and task management tool? We don’t claim to have all the answers because we’ve learned there isn’t a pre-determined right answer to these questions. So much depends on your unique mission, team, and a dozen other factors; it takes careful, deliberate planning and research–but you don’t have time for that!

When you hire Mission Marketing, we come alongside you, get to know your organization and its mission, and set you up with the structure, processes and tools to success.

ClickUp Coaching

There are seemingly endless numbers of productivity tools out there–so how do you begin to determine which one’s right for your team? We’re productivity and project management fanatics and we’ve tried almost all the major platforms. So we can help you sift through the options in this space to find the toolset that is ideally suited to your organization.

At Mission Marketing, we use ClickUp to manage our projects, collaborate together, communicate with clients–and frankly, run nearly every aspect of our business! We like it best because it allows you to do all those tasks from within a single platform, instead of toggling between lots of different apps. We think ClickUp is a pretty good fit for almost any organization, and its flexibility means you can configure it around your work, instead of the other way around. Our team can help you get set up and familiar with ClickUp, which we think will ultimately make your team more efficient and effective.

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